Studio 2


This air-conditioned Live Room is about 50 m² in a single area. The acoustic design has been carried out by Benjamin Gonzalez from Audiosintesis.

The room is equipped is RPG acoustic diffusors. A large glass window provides the live room with natural lighting and a splendid view to the nearby forest. The excellent acoustics of the room with the natural lighting result in a nice room to work.



The control Room, of 55 m2, features natural lighting and air-conditioning. The acoustic treatment is done with RPGDifussors. Being a new construction, designed to be a recording studio, has resulted in a room with optimal acustic conditions.

The main monitoring is done with 2 triamplified Quested HQ 210 triamplificats which combined with excelent acoustics create the maximum level ambience when mixing projects.

The mixing console is an analog D&R Octagon dual line 80 channels, digitally controlled, with total recall, moving faders, and automation.

The recording system is a Protools HD2 with 32 inputs and 32 outputs using Digidesign 96 I/O and RME converters .All equipment that produces any kind of noise is situated in an independent machine room outside de control room.

This studio is totally compatible with Studio 1, letting productions begin in any of the studios and be continued in the other one.